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Another practical tip from the grandma: Weekend batch cooking! Maybe this could even become a fun family project. Planning the week’s meals, shopping for ingredients, and then cooking up dinners for the next week on Saturday and Sunday was a lifesaver when our kids were little (or at least a sanity saver). Before we started doing things this way, I would often come to the end of the day and realize that there were suddenly four pairs of eyes staring at me hungrily, expecting a dinner that I’d forgotten to cook! With the new system, it was so wonderful to suddenly realize that it was dinnertime, reach into the fridge or freezer, zap it the microwave, and voila – hot, homemade meal (almost) right on time! 🙂

My hubby jumped right into this routine – he loves organization! He and the kids helped me to decide what meals were to be cooked that week and all five of us went shopping at the grocery store for ingredients – yes, very chaotic, but we wanted the kids to learn how to choose food and it was kind of fun, too – besides, there was no extra cash around for babysitting in those days! 🙂 Hubby and I cooked together on the weekend, and the kids pitched in a bit, too. He always made a big batch of chili, a family favorite. I always made a batch of pizza dough and popped it in the fridge after the second rising: Pizza night was the kids’ favorite meal, when they each got a round of dough so they could create any kind of pizza they pleased.

Your seven year old is probably old enough to help out with weekend cooking projects, and it might help her learn to get things done despite her ADHD… and maybe even show her that an ADHD brain can sometimes be advantageous. I credit the extra creativity that allows me to transform limited and inexpensive ingredients to tasty meals to my ADHD… 🙂