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Hi — I only had a chance to skim your posts. I am the non-ADHD spouse. My husband only realized that he had/has ADHD when my daughter was diagnosed with it, and then we both began to see the similarities in the way he behaves, reacts, etc. I just wanted to add that a little humor goes a long way. We’re moving and right now, I feel like we live in an obstacle course of half-packed boxes. I am working while he is currently the stay-at-home dad (soon to be working dad). Anyway, I said to him this morning, “I think it’s time to organize our boxes today, and not work on your “Star Trek” project.” 😉 He smiled and said, “Yeah, but you’ve been enjoying your home-cooked meals haven’t you?” I nodded. “And the house is fairly clean, isn’t it?” I nodded again and said, “Yes, honey, you’ve done a good job with those things, and we need to work on the boxes too!” (I know it doesn’t sound funny in text, but really it was a light-hearted exchange.)