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I’m the one with ADHD in our house – we’ve working on year 37 now… 🙂 Yes, I recognize how frustrating I can be to live with, and my husband recognizes that it’s unintentional – I *AM* trying as hard as I can, and so is he…

One practical tip that’s helped keep our lives somewhat sane: Checklists. A checklist for long-term projects, broken up into steps. A checklist for every day stuff, even things someone with a non-ADHD brain might consider to be obvious (like, dishes, a bit of a bone of contention in our house, too, but I’ve gotten better with them). I’m not saying checklists solve all our problems, but they do help.

Timers are helpful as well – if your wife is anything like me, she has absolutely no sense of passing time. I hate wearing a watch, but I do bring one outside with me when I do the gardening – my hubby will give me a time I need to come in to do something else, and I set a timer on the watch so I can’t forget… otherwise I’d be outside until the sun sets, and then wonder why my husband is annoyed!

Good luck… keep a sense of humor, and remember to love each other!!!! 🙂