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How to beat it? I like to take an approach like this:

Here’s what I’m doing, here’s how I’m going to do it, here’s what I will do to complete it, and I will have it done by this time. Nothing else will matter to me during that time. If the world is on fire and my dog is dying and there are 20 snipers outside my window scoped in on me, I’m still going to do this set of tasks A to B to C to get this task #1 done in this way and nothing else is going to happen but that.

*You gotta talk yourself into it like that and that’s just an example of how I was trying to use humor to basically say that you should almost pretend to forget the other tasks and just get in a comfortable area where you can work that you can do only the task you are wanting to do. Do just that task and that task alone.

Just eat and go the bathroom and stuff beforehand before doing the task and have water with you so you don’t have to walk to another room or get up and get distracted.