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To answer your question about medication, it has helped so much! They both are on Adderall and doing great, until we run into a manufacture that doesn’t work. In the past your doctor would try Ritalin if that didn’t work then move on to something else. Now your doctor can take a swab test genesight and they can tell what medication will work best for your child. It is amazing the difference a child that needs medication can excel in academic performance, socially and their behavior improves. I know how you feel, I was saying the same things you mentioned. I felt a lone and embarrassed of my life, my children. I was afraid to take them to church or some where in public for fear that one of them would say or do something inappropriate and make me look like a bad parent or them a troubled kid. I don’t have that problem anymore. I have actually had several teachers, people I didn’t even know comment on how polite and well behaved my kids are. Now we will be out some where and one of them will say to me, “mom did you hear or see that kid over there acting bad,” I look at them and say, don’t you say anything. You have acted like that in the past. They are having a bad day.