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Hi, I took a few months to pack before I moved house. I think it’s easier if you allocate some time to it and don’t tell yourself you have heaps to do.
After each task, I’d go to the toilet or drink water.

I wrote in my notebook how many boxes that are humanly possible to move and fit into the spaces around my house.

1 box – clothes I wear
1 box – winter clothes and misc I seldomuse
1 box – books
1 haversack – laptop, etc
1x guitalele
3 boxes – kitchenware (to be honest, we hardly used most of them)

I would label the boxes and line them up. Anything that doesn’t fit in goes. Either donate, give away or throw.

For example,
A) winter clothes – 30min. I had to pull them out of different parts of my wardrobe, organize them by what I need and don’t.

B) unpacking – eg 1 hour for audio equipment

C) organize storage shelves–I’d spend 15 min sketching what goes where before I pack, so when u unpack, this block (stack of books in a bag, labeled shelf1) goes to shelf 1 and the actual moving is easy because I’m just following my plan. My room was much smaller than my old place so I refuse to spend time agonizing how to fit it in.

D) I struggled with the data move too, because I had so many folders.

It’s easier if you move the most important ones first before you get distracted by listening to things in your sound library. I spent an hour distracted by my music haha.

So i just take a look at what I have, then rename folders like 1- school stuff, 2- music. I couldn’t fit my music collection in my external hard disc drive, so I just kept the ones I really liked. Unfortunately I realized I liked only a few songs from some soundtracks so I just kept those.

If for example you have 10gb of data in your laptop and 15gb of space in your hard drive, just move everything and settle it after the physical move of your stuff.

E) if someone is going to collect something, maybe try to finish the other tasks before that. I packed everything before the piano guy came to collect my piano, otherwise he can’t move it out of my room. If something else crop up, don’t stress it, if it can be done later, just be honest and tell them what you need to do first.

If it gets too tiring, take a break.. Sometimes moving takes more time and effort than we think especially when you dig out things you haven’t seen in a while and wonder what to do with it. But the key thing is whether you will use it after moving. I