Reply To: Expectation and success


1997bumblebee – I have a classmate who worked part time, is planning her wedding and excelled our course despite language barriers because she ask a lot of questions in class and also have guidance from her friends in class.

Maybe you can try to find ways to get learning support from your classmates or lecturer. I find that 1-2 hours a week with them was more productive than struggling on my own. I also learn better if I ask questions after class when it is fresh in my memory. Eventually I can do most things myself.

For math, I would recommend having a standard formula list as reference and identify some patterns when you work it out part by part. I also refer to the examples in the textbook. If you have problems breaking down some parts, quickly ask in class or after class. Get a practice workbook for algebra and time yourself while doing it, I try to finish 15min before the set time. For bio and the other sciences,I think the key is to break down the information and digest it with the pictures. I watch YouTube videos on the topics if possible and draw mind maps. If you want, maybe I can show you how I digest information or suggest study methods for bio if you email some pages of something you’re struggling with and what ways are easier for you to learn to

My school advisor told me that health and personal issues like different learning method or problems concentrating are to be fixed myself but they can offer free learning support if I asked. There is no exception because people with adhd, autism and other disabilities passed the course.