Reply To: Expectation and success


Also, for the record, I tried very hard— as much as I could. I studied every chance I had, in a quiet, distraction free (as possible) environment. I tried planners and getting organized, which worked a little, but still not enough. I tried dialing back social and work related tasks, and that also helped a little, but not enough.
I exercise, eat well, and sleep as well as I can, which is still not great.
I didn’t realize until yesterday, that I wasn’t failing because I’m stupid or crazy or dull— I’m just not neurotypical.
Math and science, but really math, have always been hard for me. I’m usually very good at everything else, but I think that’s because I like everything else a heck of a lot more.
I feel like the biggest failure of all time, and don’t know what to do.