Reply To: Expectation and success


Hi everyone, this is my first time posting. I got diagnosed yesterday, at age 20. I’m a woman, a wife, a college student, and I’m in need of help. I’m sorry if this is the wrong thread.

I have been in college for 3 years, and did very well at first. I had a 4.0 for my first year, and then as I tacked on additional daily duties/ life changes occurred, I started slipping up.
When my grades got really bad, I transferred to the local community college, changing my major to dental hygiene, then nursing. I withdrew from all my classes last semester (dental hygiene), due to bad grades that resulted from my not being able to complete things on time, poor attendance, bad testing experiences, etc.
I got a much less demanding job than the waitressing one I was trying to balance with school and married life, and did better this semester. I still couldn’t handle the courseload of algebra, Anatomy and Physiology, and Pyschology classes all at the same time. So, math is over.
I already tried Biology last semester, and I’m worried I’ll fail it this time. The only grades that really count worth anything are test grades… so I’m scared I’m screwed. It’s a requirement to get into the program, and I have to have a certain grade, and I cannot reattempt the course again, according to the college’s guidelines. I failed every test almost, but the online quizzes that allow two attempts and have a lengthy deadline (10% of course grade), I made 80 or above on all but one.
I have an A in psychology, but it’s more interesting and has participation, classwork, and interesting online homework with plenty of time to finish them.
I think that if I had been diagnosed and medicated earlier, I could have already entered my program of choice. I could have done so much more… I never noticed the change in academic progress wasn’t due to my laziness or whatnot, but adding new responsibilities and duties to life. I just couldn’t juggle it all, and I have to work. My husband and I are just starting out, and we won’t make it if I don’t.
Does this sound like I could talk to my doctor about requesting reasonable accommodations at school?
Also, does anyone think they would be allowed to give me a do-over if I provided documentation of declining academic success after becoming married and things, and living with a challenge I didn’t know about?
Sorry this is so long, I’m just panicked and I hate what’s happening right now. Thank you!