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Dr. Eric

Also a funny, not funny story…
My wife oversaw the construction of a new mental health clinic, but not directly.

She ran the clinic for a private contractor for the government contract who owned the building.
She has one of those relationships where the people that she has a working relationship with really honor her feedback, but people that don’t know her take a “who the hell do you think you are?” attitude.

She tried to give the designers feedback during construction, which they readily denied and one of the county people told her to stay in her lane.

The result which needed to be fixed after the fact for much more money…. a very zen and welcoming entryway, a very environmentally friendly design, oh… and . three common-sense security mistakes and two areas that were designed to not be legally compliant for patient and medical record privacy and security. Kind of a big oversight when the entire building was supposed to be designed for public health.