Reply To: The ADHD Home Chef


My child has ADHD, but I have MS, which has given me a variety of cognitive issues, some of which resemble ADHD. I even take a stimulant medication! So I understand what you’re talking about. My main issue is saving energy, i.e. no extra trips to the store and no vague recipes. (As for the time listed with recipes–pay no attention to that. Always assume it’ll take longer. And never cook a NEW recipe when you’re under pressure, like for a special occasion.) Be sure to read the recipe thoroughly a few times before you even consider cooking it. Plan ahead; what day will you make it, do you have other commitments that day, and do you have the ingredients on hand?. I try to keep a running inventory of what supplies I have. I make a list of what’s in each cabinet and tape it to the inside of the associated cabinet door. That way, I can just go down the list before I even start cooking (helps to alphabetize the list, if you can stand to be that fussy). Then I do the mise en place thing, too (see another reader’s earlier comment). But the biggest help for me has been Cooks Country magazine (and no, I don’t work for them). They test every recipe to death and give really explicit instructions. This way, I know the recipe is “valid.” That way I’m less likely to burn my energy trying to follow a poorly documented recipe. Organizing and planning ahead are, I know, desperately boring, but they really help me get through a recipe from start to finish without a crisis erupting. Good luck!