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I think that’s a very good question. I would definitely ask how the drivers are vetted and monitored. I think I would feel better if they had cameras on the vans but we have never had to use services like this so I’m not really sure how best to advise you.
Maybe asking if you can go with him the first few times on the van – you can just say he is anxious and you want him to be successful so you figured you could help ease the transition by going the first few times? That way the drivers and staff at the program know your face and that you are “keeping an eye” on everything / everyone. (That’s why I was always either on PTO or volunteered at school).
Or see if you could talk to some of the other parents / families /staff at the day program about their experiences with the drivers?

Like I said we haven’t been in this same situation but these are some things I thought of. I wish you all the best.