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Hi MJ, it may take some time to adapt to the additional workload because you need to finish some things within a shorter time frame to fit in the new things you need to do.

What I learned from working in a kitchen is that you need to know roughly how long each task will take before you plan your multi tasking and what kind of tasks you can multi task based on your strengths and weaknesses at your experience level. Some tasks may not be suitable for multitasking personally if completing task a, b, c individually but quickly in a focused manner means you can still finish in an hour. For example, it’s not a life and death situation if I boiled a quick syrup (1min) then whisk some cream in the mixer (2min), but if I tried to do both, I may overwhisk the cream. However, my friend is an expert at multi tasking these things because she has a few years more experience than me.

How about having a chat with your boss about certain things you have difficulty juggling or doing. Maybe you are already good at your job at doing task A, B, C individually but when you have to do A+B+C+D it can be quite a rush. Not sure if your boss can offer some tips to complete it faster or smoothly within a shorter time frame. Sometimes when ad hoc things crop up, it can be quite stressful too, maybe having prompt questions for yourself can help you focus on finding a solution if nobody else is around.

It does take time to adapt, previously I may take up to a month or two because my previous job involved a job portfolio change every few months. Maybe you can try to voice any concerns with you boss such as a time frame to adapt and what are some ways you can handle multi tasking better.

I believe you are a valued employee who is trying your best. I also feel quite frustrated at my new workplace because I’m struggling every day and although my chef is giving me feedback that may be negative, I try to reply ‘thanks chef’ which dissapates some of the defensiveness I feel.

Other times, maybe a sip of water can help you take a 10s mental break because it’s really hard to focus on the 102 things you need to do by today. Like constantly thinking about what’s next.

I’m sure you’ll get better over time and ace it.