Reply To: The ADHD Home Chef


Thanks for all tne replies! But am shocked at how…functional some of you seem. I mean, yeah, get out everything you need…and watch it disappear, right? Just tonight, I searched for, and found, a pastry brush. Less than a minute later, it was gone again. It was in my hand, then it wasn’t. After 10-15 minues of fruitless searching, I gave up and walked to the store to buy a new one. I ended up just getting some olive oil spray. I have no idea what I did with that brush, or if I’ll ever see it again. I have “disappeared” plenty of things, some permanently, without ever leaving the room with them.
I am going to lose multiple objects during every task. I just am. Then I have to stop and search, or substitute something else, or just do without. It’s a constant struggle. I thought this happened to everyone with ADHD, but maybe not. Or maybe not as much.