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Wow, I posted and then got distracted with all of the appointments, etc. and came back to so many replies. Thank you!! First, it is just comforting to know that other people have had this experience — with a kid who is mostly great, compliant, happy, etc. and then unexpectedly has these outbursts that do not fit at all with who he normally is.

To address a few responses:

(1) Nikc: Thank you so much for offering your perspective on what this might feel like for him. I do think he does not want to talk about it and he probably does feel “cornered” when we try to talk and fix it. I don’t think (I could be wrong) that he feels pressured to be a “dream child” — he typically is that way, but we don’t pressure him to be perfrect other than obviously when he acts out we respond and he definitely knows that is not ok. I like your suggestions of presenting to him chances to initiate the conversation and prompts about how I don’t like to talk to people about my feelings when I am anxious (which I actually don’t, so I get that). Thank you for those ideas.

(2) Many of the rest of you have raised social anxiety or autism spectrum as something to investigate. I would be shocked if it is social anxiety — he is VERY social and loves talking to people and seems to show no anxiety talking to people unless it certain authority figures about his behavior or feelings. He has seen tons of psychologists, therapists, psychiatrists and none have ever thought he was anywhere on the autism spectrum. I did complete a form at the formal testing he is having now that seemed pretty clearly to be aimed at autism screening and none of the questions fit him at all. But I am not ruling anything entirely out.

(3) Other people rised trauma or TBI. We have no evidence of either of those things, and the psychiatrist said that since some aspects of the behavior started years ago then there is no reason to believe there is a recent trauma. The only thing along those lines that we can see is that we put our house on the market and, after he initially seemed excited, he then started saying he didn’t want to move and was really upset about it. We finally decided Friday to take it off the market.

(4) We have had similar experiences to some of you in that we have had literally months and months with virtually no problems, and then suddenly this escalates. So, like toys ourc, it is kind of one of those scenarios where just when we think things are better they suddenly fall apart again. He had almost a year of very few big issues, which seems amazing if he has some serious issue. But clearly something is up. We are actually just wrapping up the formal ADHD type testing — he had REALLY poor rapport with the psychologist testing him (which is surprising because he is kind of everyone’s buddy and all his psychologists, therapists, etc. have loved him), so I am a little worried about the results — whether they will reflect his discomfort with her more than anything else. But nothing to do but wait.

So far the medication hasn’t caused any improvement. But the psychiatrist said we should increase the dosage one more time and see if it is just the dose that’s too low or the medication won’t work.

Food allergies — we had him tested a couple of years ago because he randomly gets hives sometimes. He had some mildly elevated results, but nothing that classified as a clear allergy other than dust mites.