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I can see from the barrage of replys to your post that this might be a bit “extra” but I couldn’t help myself. I applaud you for reaching out because even this shows that you care about your child’s needs and aren’t simply dismissive of her voice.

That step you just took was something that my mother never did, despite the fact that she could’ve. After calling my dad in college about my suspected ADHD, he revealed to me that my second grade teacher pointed it out to my parents, even proved it to them by giving me and the rest of the class a set of directions and demonstrating my inability to follow them. My mother’s response? Dismissing my teacher’s words with often-said stigmas about ADHD meds and how they’re part of the conspiracy to “drug up the Hispanics.” I will never forgive her for this. Ironically so, it is now she who is suffering and I who am thriving because she most likely has it as well (demonstrates many of the symptoms I had) and finds herself buried in a pitiful pile of ADHD induced hoarding and unproductive misery. What can I say, karma always finds a way…

I have just been diagnosed after suspecting it since the beginning of college and the medicine has changed the way I live and perceive the world. No, the medication isn’t a cure-all and doesn’t work on everyone, but it works on most and it’s worth a try.

It’s difficult to put into words what not being diagnosed feels like. I consider myself highly intelligent, yet I always found myself faltering in math class or finishing projects at 5:00 in the morning the day they were due. This made me feel stupid and ignorant.

I now find myself more able to follow along with conversations, and experience the world at its normal pace. I am finally at peace with myself and feel as if I’ve just slid the last piece of a jigsaw puzzle into place.

There are many types of medication and if one doesn’t work or has a bad effect, there are many others your perscriber/psychiatrist can recommend. I’m on Adderall (Generic) extended release and while it does raise my heart rate just a tad (an expected side effect), I am more internally calm throughout the day and this calm is a release.

Imagine having a 200 pound weight on your head being lifted off…

Please listen to your daughter’s voice, I feel her pain. She just wants that experience of being relieved of this 200 pound weight because it’s too much for her to handle.