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Hi, Thanks for the responses. jkate23: I do agree with both diagnoses. I definitely have depression. I have been concerned about being treatresistant as well! I have been on meds for the depression for all 8 years, and they have helped a bit, but i hit a major bump two years ago and was hospitalized 5 times for suicidal thoughts. I am beyond that now, but all along, with therapy and meds, i still have felt we weren’t getting to the root, you know? Something… we were missing something. He wasn’t addressing the trauma, we simply talked about the events whenever i brought them up. I know i need trauma therapy. When my ADHD daughter recently suggested that i ought to look into it myself, i started reading and was floored! Spoke with psychiatrist who started me on Adderall right away. I have been devouring ADHD books from the library. I haven’t been able to read a book in over 5 years… no focus. PsyD says depression. Could be right. He is a clinical psychologist as well, so his leaning is toward testing, but he does have the private practice and is a very down to earth person. Since the Adderall, i have also been able to pick up a phone and call a lawyer about my husband’s estate. Something i should have been addressing since last July! But, you know…