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Hi again. I’m breaking up the post because it’s longer than I anticipated.
The reason pharmacies ask if you’re a previous customer it that users of controlled substances are supposed to use one pharmacy only. This makes tracking controlled substances easier.
The joke is, you must get a new scrip every 30 days. Then you have to find a pharmacy that not only has it in stock, but has a brand you can use. I’m not sure when scrips expire, but you can’t get another one for 30 days.
Pharmacies report the quantity and dosage for prescriptions filled, yet are restricted on the quantities they can order, even if they have records showing legitimate customers will require a larger supply. They don’t choose what brands are sent to them. Corporate levels just choose the cheapest.
Sometimes, the whole county is out of stock. Last time this happened, it was evidently due to Teva’s Israeli plant being on strike. Teva is greedy, and growing too rapidly to ensure quality, and has unhappy employees. Go ahead. Sue me.
So, there is no generic Adderall, you have a limited-time scrip, and are out of meds. Any wonder the street value is so high? If we could limit the access to people with ADHD and ADD, and eliminate the students looking for exam boosts, would there be enough? Maybe the government would allow more to be manufactured and then ordered by pharmacies?
Okay – end of ranting. Wish I could get this scrip filled.