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Hi. I know the additives and delivery mechanism make a difference in the generics, but the industry’s greediness for the generic Adderall market is beyond belief. Advil and Motrin are brand names for ibuprofen, and several manufacturers produce ibuprofen. How many complaints do you see about specific ibuprofen manufacturers? Not as lucrative a market, is it.
I tracked manufacturers and effects over 2 years, and have found 7 manufacturers in this area.
I avoid: Prasco, Teva, Northstar, Mylan. They have no effect whatsoever.
I ask for: Aurobindo, Sandoz, Mallinchrodt.
Mallinchrodt produces a ‘flash and crash’ reaction, so I split the dosage over the day.
Perhaps my preferred brands have similar fillers or delivery methods. I don’t know.
As for pharmacy phone manners, calling the same pharmacy can have opposite results, depending on who answers that call. Rite Aid was good about identifying the manufacturer without asking personal questions. Then on one call to them, the person answering acted as though I was asking for government secrets. Perhaps it’s a lack of training at the pharmacies.