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Have you tried Mydayis? Here’s the website:

It’s made by the same company that makes Vyvanse but it’s their version of Aderall XR basically Vyvanse but it’s amphetamine salts and it’s supposed to give you the jump in energy and focus like Vyvanse but it’s supposed to last 16 hours. With the good RX coupon it’s like 250 but my doctor gave me a coupon card at my last appointment with some info on it and the card said only pay up to $25 for your prescription and that was for both mydayis and Vyvanse. Definitely ask your dr about the coupon of you haven’t already! Thinking about trying the mydayis since I’m used to the 90 mg of immediate release adderall that I take daily and have been doing so for quite a while now. I’ve found that I have to rotate the meds that I’m on every 6 months or so because even if you don’t take them every day like I skip the weekends or take only like 30 mg your body still builds up a tolerance. I generally can tell that it’s time to rotate when I start getting sleepy on my meds or like being on 90 mg and can’t focus or productive to save my life. I rambled but I hope the info helps and I apologize if what I said was already said in the previous posts. 🙂 wasn’t patient enough to read each post thoroughly haha