Reply To: Life changing diagnosis


Hi, You are in Ireland? You have to pay for a psychologist? No insurance? Drat! Do not be afraid. Tell your doctor. I tell my doctor everything. That is the only way to have a healthy body and mind in my opinion. Yes, I have had substance abuse issues. My doctors all know this, and yet, when i talked to my psychiatrist about my thoughts on ADHD, she immediately pulled out her pad and wrote two scripts, one for Adderall extended and one for Adderall reg for a boost during the mid day. She is a highly respected doctor in the community with a wait list for clients. Honesty is all you have. The more you hide from your doctor, the more your doctor will wonder what you are hiding. They see drug seekers and honesty every day. They know the difference.
Take care of your self first and foremost. You are the only one who will after all is said and done.

Good luck!