Reply To: The ADHD Home Chef


OP: “Can anybody with ADHD actually get through a recipe?”
Sure, I can. Fortunately, my husband and I will eat anything, even if I’ve made dog food out of it.
It’s gotten harder since turning 40. My perfectionism is openly hostile to my distraction. I try to line up all my ingredients, prep my “mise en place,” but then I leave the room to pee or something, and all hell breaks loose!
It makes it harder that I never make the same recipe twice, and I’m too forgetful to remember to go with what I know about, say, searing a salmon fillet instead of trusting the words on the recipe.
Some people find cooking relaxing. I enjoy cooking, but it is the FARTHEST thing from relaxing!! It’s a competitive sport against myself, and depending on my mood, I’m destined to fail or destined to win!
At least I put something reasonably nutritious in our bellies, and my huband (and I) is grateful for the gift.