Reply To: I wish I could be fixed.


Everything you write in your reply to the young lady and issues with her dad took the word right out of my mouth. I have suffered with anxiety, depression, & ADD since childhood. I see some sign of such in my own son who is now 18 years old. You deserve, support, love and don’t ever think or listen to anyone who belittles you, even if he is your dad. You are allowed accomodations in school, more young people than you know suffer from exactly what your are suffering from. You and your mom should speak with your doctor who can write a note to your guidance counselor asking him or her to call them and your doctor will not go into detail in reference to your diagnosis as that is priveledged information, but having accomodations in school Will help work with you ADHD as they have with my son, and the school must by law not discriminate against any student who is being treated by a doctor and deserves accodations in school to offer that student more options n opportunity to level the playing field with the other students who do not have any type of learning condition. You deserve those options and opportunities. Your mother and your Doctor can advocate for you with your guidance counselor and you also Will have the proper chances to do well in school, get better grades and attend college like every other student scan do, just as my son is deserving of that option you are also. You shouldn’t have to struggle so hard n feel like you just can’t get get ahead or receive the proper advantages YOU are entitled to. ADHD, Depression , anxiety are all medical issues. And you should not feel guilty for having a learning disability to take the accodations and advantages all students deserve! I advocated with the help of his doctor to make sure he receives proper treatment in and out of school, and you deserve and have every right morally, ethically and lawfully the rights of doing well on tests, receiving any extra help necessary from teachers, tho no one has to know as you will not be put into Special Ed classes, your test may be a bit different a your homework assignments may be as that’s all accomodations means and they will do the same for any serving student under Drs care for many different reasons all throughout college as well. You are smart, bright, talented, and hard working I’m sure. You just need some reassurance, kindness from you parents, love and understanding. The school will do their part and you will do well, go onto college, the sky is the limit for you. I want you to take advantages of the help that is available for you and that you are entitled to. You will feel much better and happier about yourself and life in general. God Bless Always!!