Reply To: The ADHD Home Chef


You are definitely not alone 🙂

I love, love, LOVE to cook but Im not at the level of some of these other people responding where I can just play it by ear. I ALWAYS need a recipe and I have to measure exactly which can be irritating to someone watching me. I tried sticking to minimal ingredients or sheet pan type meals but get frustrated with a lack of variety. And thank God Im not the only one who the time on recipes seems ridiculously short compared to reality. I just thought for the longest time I was a special kind of stupid. I also have a hard time keeping track of my implements, sometimes forget a needed item and have to go to the store midway or have to use substitutions which usually come out unbelievably well. I also run through paper towels while cooking which is ironic (to say the least) when I try my best to recycle and care for the environment in other ways. I think its my OCD thats causing that though because I cant stand measuring or placing ingredients on the bare kitchen counter (never know how clean it really is). Long story short I feel your pain.