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My 6 year old does this as well. He is adopted and has some trauma and abandonment issues. You did not mention this in your story, so likely not it. I took him to a neurologist after seeing several psychiatrists, psychologists, and counselors and they all had something different to say. Several have thought ADHD and he is on very low doses of one Dynaval that helps a little (takes the edge off some), other types did not work at all. I too am thinking anxiety, but it may not be social, as he will do the same thing at home with just me (single father), so there isn’t a social situation. I do know one of his triggers at school as been certain types of projects as he has a super high IQ (97%) but a very low coding or processing speed score. This relates to processing what he knows in his head but cannot accomplish easily with his hands so he is easily frustrated. There have been times where he does wonderful for months at a time then has these behaviors at random for months at a time, so I have learned not to think (Great things are getting better!) just yet.

I know for my son there are multiple issues going on and therefore looking for an easy answer that will fit all of his issues may not be realistic so we keep working on it and I keep learning about ideas and try them out. I know this may not help with a specific thing you can do to help him (other than rule out biological issues first as was already noted). Then just be observant, ask him what happened (once he is calmer). While at 6 my son usually says he doesn’t know, but I am hoping to help him continue to think about it so at some level of maturity he will begin to notice for himself and ideally this will also increase his ability to monitor himself and his needs where the coping skills he is learning can help him.

Some have even though Asberger’s Syndrome but all the Dr’s seem to agree he doesn’t fit the Spectrum criteria related to Autism. I too would love to find something that would help him as I know he is miserable when in that space as is everyone around him at that moment.