Reply To: I don’t fit in and I’m sick of blaming myself


As a high school sophomore (but at a very small, kind school, so a bit different), another thing that helps me is to come up with arguments (beforehand, and maybe even write them down) of why xyz thing does not mean that your friends think something is weird. Then, when xyz happens, you can pull out your argument and be like, “oh, this is okay, I don’t need to waste my emotional energy on this”. Or, depending on how close you are with your friends, and whether the stress comes from not knowing whether or not you did something weird, you can ask them to tell you when you’re doing something weird, and then if they don’t say something, you can feel safe that you didn’t. I hope things go better!! There are many kind decent people in the world, and while they may be hard to find, it is possible! Maybe something here helped 🙂 I hope so!