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I feel for you as we have lived through similar episodes. Here is what helped us:

a) We realized that our son’s meds were having a negative effect on him emotionally. Moving away from Focalin (which many people say have a terrible emotional wash out effect) to simple Ritalin made a huge difference. Further adjustment to long release forms (Concerta) vs ER or IR (which give a bumpier release) was also helpful.
b) we signed him up for a “boys group”. It was a small group of boys who met once a week, hung out, played together with some interaction from an adult LCSW. I have no idea how this helped but over 6 months, his state of mind was much improved. I thought this was way more effective than a 1-1 counselling situation.
c) sports – right after school, every day, made for a positive after-school transition.

Hope this helps and take care. She does not hate you 🙂 You are the most important person in her life.

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