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My spouse has inattentive ADHD and I have a pretty severe anxiety disorder that obvious clash quite a bit. I try really hard to understand his ADH but I am sorry to admit that I am guilty of using a lot of these trigger words when my anxiety ramps up. Except I have to say that I would NEVER call my S.O. lazy. People with ADHD are trying so much harder than everyone else even with just the smallest things. That is NOT lazy.

I am wondering what those of you with ADHD might appreciate from your non-ADHD loved ones. How can we apologize for the sometimes insensitive things we say out of frustration? And are there words of encouragement or other things we can do that would be more helpful? For example, when my S.O. zones out in a conversation, what would be more helpful than saying “Hello? Are you in there?” to bring him back? I have tried just patiently waiting, but sometimes he will completely forget that we were talking at all.

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