Reply To: The ADHD Home Chef


I’m actually pretty good with following recipes. I always have to read the recipe a few times before I start and I always get all the ingredients out before I start, though occasionally I have to send mom to the store because I overestimated how much of something was left in the bag. I also read each step a few times before I do it and read the steps before and after as well to make sure I’m not missing anything. It slows me down a bit but I’m a fast reader.

I’ve noticed, though, that I get nervous when the instructions aren’t particularly exact, which is why I prefer baking to actual cooking. It’s especially frustrating for me to make something the first time when my mom will only give me vague instructions from the living room rather than walking me through it. But baking, which has instructions and times for how long It should be the oven is much better. If it gives me at least a minimum time then I can set a timer and not worry about burning it. being told to cook something “until it’s done” is incredibly stressful for me because I’m relatively inexperienced and terrified of burning things.

I also hate cooking a lot of things at once. I’m getting more used to things like cooking eggs without burning the bacon, but if it’s more than two things that need constant attention, I usually forget about one of them whilst doing everything else at the same time.

I also agree that recipie times are ridiculous and you should always budget at least an hour unless it’s something very simple.