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Hello, It was refreshing to read your post because I also have a son who exhibits similar behavior. He just turned 8. ADHD and Anxiety run heavily in our family but he doesn’t have any problem concentrating on school work and is advanced in his classes, getting top scores. It could be that he’s working terribly hard to keep it together and perform and then breaks down at home. But, we are still trying to figure things out. We did speak to a psychologist about his behavior and she feels that he has separation and school anxiety. We started bringing him to a therapist to learn some skills and tools. We are just in the preliminary phases of therapy so I wish I could offer more tips. The only thing we have set up so far is a ‘safe place’ where he can go to calm down. The hard part, as you know, is getting him to go to the safe place while he’s in an emotional fit. Our job is to try to find the triggers and get him there before he explodes. Our therapist suggested buying a dog bed, bean bag, or large fluffy pillows that are in a specific place for him to go and calm down. We set up a small, play teepee and fitted it with a thick, foam, dog bed, a stuffed animal that he brings back and forth to therapy and a blanket. He loves it! We also tried aromatherapy bracelets but he would break them while at school. The therapist saw this as a sign that he likes sensory stimulation so now he has squishies and other fidget tools to bring to school to help reorganize his brain when he’s feeling anxious. He’s also supposed to use 4,3,2,1, a common therapy tool, for calming down. However, when he’s in his emotional rage, it’s too late to use it, so again, using it before he blows up is key. My son also meets with the school counselor once a week. So far, this has helped him calm down at school tremedously. These are challenging and heartbreaking to watch as a parent and my son confides in me that he wants them to stop. We’re working on things together with compassion. I’m interested in learning more about your son being diagnosed with ADHD. Did he undergo all the testing for it?

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