Reply To: I feel like I'm trapped


I’m sorry you’re going through this. You’re not alone, I have only so much attention in a day—then my brain’s like “OK, we’re done.” You’re having to sustain your attention for a long time & on many subjects. I feel like there’s more pressure on hs students than there was on me. I’m 33 now.

I went to private school until 5th grade—-which you’d think would’ve thought I’d have an easier time transitioning to public school right?????

I had to be in tutoring for years to catch up. I bet your mom did a great job homeschooling you–I’m not dissing her. But, obviously the difference between what was expected of you then & your school load now are VERY DIFFERENT.

Just hang in there & do the best you can….nobody can expect more of you than that.

JUST remember—Highschool is important, but other than the GPA–which you could raise easily w/one year of communitty college. COLLEGE is the where most of the academia counts—I don’t know why parents/teachers put so much emphasis on high school…..I just did my best to survive during that time and where I REALLY thrived—was in college.

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