Reply To: I've hit a wall


I totally get it. I’m going to a competency-based university called WGU. I’ve finished the normal 4 classes and just finished my 5th yesterday. Ever class I finish within the 6month semester is included in the $3375 tuition.

I DEF feel like I’m better at college now, than when I gave it 20% in my early 20’s lol

BUT I’m so glad you wrote this post, bc I TOO hit a wall. I had to really force myself to just take the assesment.
I REALLY like WGU-online bc I get paired with a mentor who is like a “cheerleader” and keeps me accountable.
I think I’m gunna take a few days off to help me re-focus on the next subject. I found out also through this school that I’m quite good at Math–which all other schools put me in developmental (I’d miss the math assessment by like ONE question!).

You’re GUNNA feel so good when you finish!

What is your plan after you get your degree & what % are you done with?