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I just wish I wasn’t oblivious to obvious things at times! Its like I can acknowledge it but my brain goes 1000 miles a min at all times! I neglect others emotions and feelings! Not cause I don’t care but can never focus on important things or tasks unless my adhd gives me super focus then I slay whatever I’m doing but its usually only few thing and mostly not what needs to be super focused on! Theres no real way to explain it! I have severe adult adhd some days ill feel its a gift others a curse! But I find myself going from so many thought at a time I become lost or just brush peoples conversation to side like what they say doesn’t matter but in reality my brain is just cycling thought at insane speeds! I can usually never focus on one thing! Most adults look at me weird cause I talk so fast and about so many things most look at me like child like that don’t know me at times cause I’m so hyper at times and don’t even realise it! But once people sit down with me they see my gifts my genius! Litterally! But most don’t get to see it cause its like I’d rather them think I’m dumb and sneak up with my smarts but doesn’t always work like that in my favor! Sometimes I come off looking dumb before I get chance to prove what I am! Just a rant. But with substance! Also I’ve never liked idea of pills and so on for my adhd so I’ve self medicated most my life with marijuana does anyone else medicate this way or medical and have a good system edibles and so or view? I struggle every day! Does any one else relate??