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Thank you so much for writing this I just want to say personally because I have felt like this for the past couple months regarding my son he hasn’t been properly diagnosed but he has a rare disease that makes add and autism spectrum disorder very prone and common. My husband is having a hard time ttaking the pride aspect out of it to be able to fet our son properly diagnosed. He does the exact same things your explaining with the physicalness spiking an all time high. I have holes in my doors because of him, he hast punched and kicked my walls, screams bloody murder anytime he gets asked to do anything he doesnt want to it’s so exhausting and to top it all off hes not even my biological son hes my step son so this resentment is very hard to shake on a daily basis. I’m done too I don’t care anymore he is 7 years old and weighs 85 lbs hes obese for his age and his dad doesnt xut his portions or his gross food he just gives him 2 adult servings of food and I get the look when I’m trying to get SS on a good diet. I’m exhausted and I’m done as well theres only so much a step mom can do!