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You are embarking on an exciting adventure! The right meds are so important for us. The correct combinations, dosages, times to take each day, these are all vitally important to help us manage our symptoms and you are well on your way to discovering what works best for you. It is trial and error at times. It can’t be rushed. The money you spend on the meds and doctor’s visits and seminars you attend, they are all investments in you, your health, your future. It is good to invest in our lives wisely and with ADHD, we must go a little further than your average bear, but being able to embrace our talents fully should pay excellent dividends. An alternative is to languish, or try against our own biochemistry to will ourselves into paying attention when it isn’t a matter of willpower.

I think surveys should be offered to our community in order to isolate which manufacturers of the meds we take are inferior. I have been deeply disappointed in 2 drug companies recently. Unfortunately, we live during a time when various drug companies have been found guilty of committing massive fraud, ripping off medicare for hundreds of billions of dollars, producing meds with questionable oversight, etc. Not all of them, by any means, don’t get me wrong. That’s why I think surveys could be particularly useful.

As those who face life with this serious condition, we owe it to ourselves to speak up about what we find helpful and that which isn’t. Many of us are old enough and articulate enough to describe our experiences in ways that should make a difference, especially those who are now grown who survived childhood without being diagnosed. We have stories of needless, hellish suffering that should be heard and honored. It seems to me that professionals who have dedicated their lives to help those with our set of challenges, should be diligent to seek our input, to covet our opinions, to insist on really “hearing” us, you and me, and to help us unite. You are making a contribution to that end right now.

Also, I think we should seek to increase our buying power through the strength that comes from numbers. There are many, many thousands of us who might be better served if we joined together to seek financial consideration as a group.