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I don’t care what any doctor or pharmacist says, to the point that they should know but don’t that medication affects people in different ways. Even generic medications from different manufactures. I am ADHD and I have 4 kids with it too. For the past 20 years, I have dealt with medication for 4 kids and myself. It has been a headache dealing with insurance. We would find a medication what works great, be on it a few years or longer, the generic would come out. Insurance would say no brand, go to generic and have problems. For example, my 15 year old son, he has been on medication since he was 2 years old. He started out on Ritalin, didn’t help. He was on Adderall tablets for years and worked. When he went to middle school switched to Addderal xr and it worked great. This past December insurance said no brand name, period. Went to generic and has been sleeping in school and after school and all night and grades have went down. His doctor switched him to vyvanse and now he is complaining of headaches every day and is tired 24/7. His grades have went to F’s and he says it doesn’t even feel like he is on medication. I know several people that have tried adderall and it worked and vyvance didn’t and the other way around. I too tried vyvance and was 72 mg and it did nothing for me. As for the insurance for my son the brand name Adderall is 235.00 a month but the vyvance is 351.99. It seems to me if the person is doing good on a medication they should be able to get it, period. I understand your situation you might write to the manufacture and explain your situation and they usually can help you with it.