Reply To: Testing for nursing


trtweety27 I am in the EXACT same boat as you. Except I didn’t come close to passing. I went to a horrible school and failed twice at 75. I knew I was not ready to take the exam but I had pressure from family to take it so I did.

I will basically have to teach myself nursing from the beginning if I want to pass and I am trying to figure out if that is something I can accomplish on my own. I really don’t know if I can grab a bunch of books and teach myself nursing and pass the exam. About half my class has still not passed the NCLEX-RN yet a good percentage of my class are now nurse anesthetists. So half never passed and some hold masters and doctorates. It really is a horrible school and you have to be able to self-study. I applied to schools for 2 years and was on wait lists before I gave up and did this program which was obviously a mistake. Please post back here if you come up with a solution.

I would love to find a semester-long program that meets daily or 3 times a week for several hours that just teaches how to pass the NCLEX.