Reply To: Kind of Hate my (Grand)parents right now.


First of all saying “kind of hate my grandparents right now,” sounds really ungrateful. I don’t know your situation why your parents aren’t taking care of you. Your grandparents cared enough and didn’t have to, could have been a foster child in the system. You mention that your grandmother took you to the doctors and was given medication. You wouldn’t take it. Sounds to me she did try to get you some help. I am a parent of 4 children and I have a grandson. I am ADHD but didn’t get diagnosed until I was in my 30’s. My parents knew something was wrong with me when I was in school, took me to see a psychiatrist but they said, I was lazy…. After I got medicated as an adult, things got better for me. I asked my parents why they didn’t get me help, they said they tried and I know they did. I know they feel bad but it isn’t their fault. All you can do is get to a psychiatrist and get diagnosed. Its not fair to blame your grandparents for this. They did the best they could and should be applaud for stepping in and taking care of their grandchild. There isn’t much I wouldn’t do for my grandson but I can’t imagine the stress and responsibility of raising him at my age.