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Hi, I used to have problems with writing and academic subjects, was in the bottom of my class for a long time.

Not sure why it is difficult for you to write more than a few sentences for homework. Is the subject hard to understand, or is it hard to organize many words together in the mind? These make it hard to finish things on time because I spend a lot of time thinking and rewriting it to something that make sense.

For me, it was both so my teacher provided additional support for writing history essays by suggesting each paragraph in point form so that I not stuck on the first paragraph forever.

I also have a notebook for practicing writing. I would find books on different subjects I like, they may or may not be related to school. Then I’d write in point form – a summary of each part I think is interesting or I would copy a paragraph of beautifully written descriptive passage in a novel. Maybe I can write something similar in a narrative essay. Sometimes, I would also fill a page with a few lines from different books about a topic (each part may be written on different days).

Over time, I can write faster because I generally write more words during my free time than what is required in school, and also because I can visualize step by step what to write if I have a ‘general picture’ (all the main points written down before I write an essay) because I read a lot and can recall the points quickly without much effort. Or find the information quickly because I’ve read it a few times. Writing is very natural to me now.

If reading and writing doesn’t help for learning other things , I watch videos on YouTube or listen to podcasts on the topic. I would watch the video, rewind and pause a few times because I catch things at a slower pace but I have 5-15 min attention span. I can’t keep up with normal school lesson pace most of the time . Sometimes I have to watch a video 10 times just to do something my classmates easily do in 1 minute.

Lastly, I also learned from reading or watching videos on YouTube about people who faced learning difficulty. There are some books on ADD about cases where each child learn differently and how they overcome it. There’s also a chef with dyslexia who writes blog entries about how she overcome problems and practicing writing because people at work laugh at her for poor spelling and writing. She really motivates me.

Maybe knowing what kind of pace and activities are easier for you instead of forcing yourself to change may help? It’s OK if you learn differently. There’s nothing wrong with that because everyone is different and the public education system is mainly designed to teach things in 1 way, so it may not work for everyone.