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It can be stressful to keep having those ‘you need to fix your issues’ talk because it feels like they’re not listening or helping much.Only my best friend would ask, how can things be made easier for you? How do you remember things?

I told my teachers that I’m a visual learner who remember things like photo screenshot and pictures, so I had a lot of issues following verbal instructions or digesting text information that are not visual enough,which are hard to remember. They may think I forget a lot of things but sometimes I can’t find the word in my brain to link it and explain it when I see myself doing something wrong in the kitchen. So I need to ask them what is the key word,like temperature.

Sometimes I use sound and touch to remember things instead of in words ‘remember to bring keys’. I have a little routine when I pack my things the night before or before I go out – jingle keys and pat my pocket to check that the bus card and wallet are there.

It may be true that what your friend suggested may not work for you – but you may have a less frustrating conversation if you can also highlight some examples of what you remember and how. Maybe it’s easier for you to remember one thing at a time or reduce the number of things you need to do that day. It’s not that you don’t understand English, but what if thinking in words is harder and tiring for you compared to others?