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Hi, here are some tips that help me because my attention span is usually 5-15min:

-break down the tasks to 5-15min tasks and vary them
Sometimes, talking to someone, especially if it is someone I work well with, helps me to refocus.
My buddies at work can sense when I’m stressed so they may just crack a joke along the way and that’s how we keep each other going.

Eg: 15 min – do part 1 of report
5 min- call someone to settle something

-plan your day so that you can finish all the important things during your most productive times. I’m productive early in the morning,especially when it is quiet and there are very few people around at 7am in the office as we start work at 8.30am.
-3-4pm are my worst times of the day and I usually feel a bit tired, so I would do mundane work that don’t require much thinking such as filing and photocopying.
-Alternatively, it would be good to ask colleagues for advice about how to complete it more quickly or if they can help to provide some information you need. If you ask them in advance, maybe they can set aside some time for you.

I think it’s OK that you are not equally focused and productive during the full working hours as long as you work in a way that helps you get the important things done.

Having a checklist can help to keep track of work done /to do. After this assignment, you can also think about ways to finish it quicker, eg by changing the sequence of tasks,what can you do while waiting for someone to reply or something to be processed.