Reply To: Ritalin adult


I was on the 18mg extended release of ritalin for a month. I found that one of the best benefits was the fact that I felt awake, and well rested. Not bouncing off the walls but not tired. But due to it causing mild anxiety on the “come down” before bedtime my doctor opted to have me try out something similar to what you are doing, 10mg, one in the AM and one at Noon. I have found this dosing to cause me tremendous fatigue, the peaks and valleys are too close together. I think it may be because I need a higher dose, I will be asking him soon but that’s just from what I’ve read. Have you thought about trying the extended release? The only downfall is that it needs to be taken relatively early so you can go to bed at a regular hour. It’s a “long ride” as my doctor put it. It was wonderful in that it creates a very ‘even keel’ through the day, you don’t feel the ups and downs like you do with the twice a day dosing. The downfall was that it was annoying for me on weekends when I would sleep in, as I was faced with the “should I take this today or not” dilemma, but perhaps it would be a good fit for you. Just a thought! 🙂