Reply To: Songs That Speak To You


Hi Everybody,
I suppose most odf us arew on here listing songs which have deep personal significance, sadly for us most of our experiences have not been that positive and I am sure thatthis is reflected in the choices given.
I am 60 and when I was around 10 years old there was a very idealised children’s adventure series featuring White Horses which the series was called.
It was naive and very black and white but the theme song permeated the entire thing and filled the listener-me, at any rate with a sense of wonder and joy-I was only 10..
The theme song is:surprisingly enough also called ” White Horses” and it is sung by Jacky.
You may all find it ridiculous and sappy but nonetheless, I recommend it to all of you too every body. I am a 60 year old grizzly bastard but this song makes tears of joy-and multiple other unspecified emotions- run down my cheeks.
It’s on youtube-be adventurous and I hope this brings you at least a smile for a moment or two.