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I’ve seen on here that other people have interpersonal problems and I’ve been reading more about it, and seeing that I’m not only one really helps. I’m not a terrible person, but I do lack the impulse control most people have.

But in this particular case, I am actually referring to being worse on the internet. I don’t think my wife would have married me if all she ever knew of me was from the internet. Fortunately, she gave me a chance and she got to see the real me, which isn’t so obnoxious. In the comment below by archs1862, they nail it. Disinhibition is bad enough in real life, face to face. Online, it’s hard for everyone and seems to be even worse for me. Like archs1862, I’m argumentative and combative when I see someone who I feel is being intellectually dishonest or outright lying.

As for traditional friendships, I always felt like I put in all the work. I was always the one calling, checking in, suggesting stuff to do. I’ve rarely felt like people put in as much as I do into the relationship. Probably because they’re my only social conduits and I need them more than they need me.