Reply To: The ADHD Home Chef


Recipe prep times are a crock of lies. Why yes, I can totally dice two onions, peel and mince several cloves of garlic, peel and slice three carrots, julienne leeks, toast cumin seeds, and probably also do other things all in the fifteen minutes the recipe says I need. Not!!

If I follow a recipe, I completely ignore prep times because they’re almost always wildly inaccurate, especially when you keep getting distracted or whatever.

My solution was to just transcend recipes. I figured out how to make dishes and do techniques so I don’t have to follow recipes anymore. Foods that are timing/ingredient insensitive are the best – soups, stews, braised things, etc. I don’t need recipes OR timers for these things because I just know what to add and when it’ll be done (I hate having to follow timed sequences more complex than “cook the one thing for X minutes”).

But if you DO need to follow a recipe, it helps to have it in print. Following internet recipes from your phone is the worst.