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Since I was diagnosed with ADHD over three years ago, I have come to see how my mental condition is actually a very positive thing in my life. Since I’m now age 71 and retired, I don’t have to worry as much about how people at work react to my ADHD symptoms now. I’m divorced and live alone, so I don’t have the partner issues any longer. And since everyone’s ADHD is a little different, I simply try my best to cope with my condition in public, at church or with the volunteers I work with in my community. Most of my family and friends know of my condition and what the symptoms are (thank you Facebook!), so there is somewhat of a general understanding among them.

An example of how ADHD has probably been a positive thing in my life, I find that I can hyperfocus on a project to my advantage and then pop out mentally when needed much easier than others.

I also wanted to add that I am grateful for all the great articles I have read over the past three years from doctors and other professionals about the ADHD condition in the ADDitude community. Keep up the good work, guys & gals!