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@ALAMODE – I feel your pain, bud – I also am a husband in the same boat and capacity as others have mentioned…i cherish my family and am devoted to them…care greatly about being a hard and focused worker…and have experienced a long run of layoffs that has taken its toll on my sweet bride and awesome kids, not to mentioned our depleted stroehouse of finances.

The moments where my wife pulls “alongside me” in unity and we are working together/together either during job searches or just in support of normal workday activities are some of the best times of my life…and on the opposite side of the coin are when I see her despair and frustration when my ADD/ADHD symptoms truly rears its ugly head.

And those moments where she chooses to say an encouraging word in my ear instead of giving voice to the thousands of other thoughts racing thru her head are true miracles that I don’t take for granted.

With that said – I am grateful for many of the women whom have posted on this forum…its helpful to hear your perspective and gives me even greater compassion for my beautiful bride.

And I am also eternally grateful for our Maker – the good Lord didn’t make a mistake when He designed us men (and women!) this way with the challenges associated with ADD/ADHD…and i hope and pray that I can put the awesome talents He has bestowed me and others in this forum to good and perfect use that allows us to serve our families in the way they truly truly deserve.

Let Him Reign!