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On the old soul thing, I have a theory that people with ADHD are more earnest and transparent. I noticed recently that my family is actually really passive aggressive, just really petty things like disconnecting a charger you use, sitting where you sit on purpose, leaving the house suddenly when you know you had plans, I don’t know if I’m selling it, the list could continues forever just trust me.

ANyways, I notice what they’re doing, I acknowledge and ask them not to do it, knowing they’ll do it again. But that’s it. I get bored thinking of ways they maybe expected me to react or retaliate in some other petty way. I just don’t feel like dealing with it, though me acknowledging that they’re doing has helped ease these weird (boring) tensions

I used to work in a retirement home, and that’s very much how the residents felt like to me. They expressed what they felt and that was it. They were way past the trite social tactics (that I don’t understand and don’t feel like understanding).