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I am an adult (35+) recently diagnosed with ADHD and I know how you feel because I feel that way sometimes. First thing, give yourself some credit for trying to improve your situation. But because of your age I would advise you to talk to your parents. I think a big mistake people with ADHD, including myself, make is we don’t invest enough time learning non-medication coping skills like exercise, talk therapy, our diets, meditation, etc. I think for me learning to live without my medication has helped me better understand and appreciate the benefits of medication and the compromises I make when I am on medication. Every time I feel a negative side effect, I ask myself “Whats the alternative?”. I did a cost benefit analysis and determined I am willing to live with the side effects of medication. However, the benefits are not as great as I once thought. Initially I thought benefits outweighed side effects 80/20; it is more like 65/35. I am going to have trouble sleeping sometimes. I am going to forget to eat. I am going to be unusually irritable some days. I am going forget to take my medication. My stomach may hurt. I may forget to lock up my medication. You get the point. The medication is not necessarily ruining your life, its just a part of your life you deal with like anything else. It will allow you to overcome adversity but sometimes it will create its own. And you may need to develop an approach to deal with it. Which is why talking to your parents is important. I lived without medication for over 35 years. It was hard. But I figured out ways to make it a good life. I hope everything works out and feel free come back to the forum with any progress you make.