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Linda, I can sympathize with you about the RLS and how much it affects one’s life. Those that don’t suffer or have never suffered from it don’t know how lucky they are!

I attended a series of group counseling sessions for adults with ADD/ADHD that targeted the same things that you talked about in your post (disorganization, almost hoarding, piles of stuff to get to, etc.). It was an eye opener. There were a couple of things that I put into practice, But the one that comes to mind is to make a list and force yourself to do at least one thing on that list every day but it’s important to break down your tasks into manageable bits and pieces. For instance, instead of writing “clean out the garage “, write “clean off shelf next to back door in garage.” It’s also important to keep adding tasks to the list until you’re done.

By the way, I started working on my bachelors degree in 1981 and went back to school a few years ago. In 2016, I began taking online classes to finish my degree and will finally graduate this June!

I think I was able to stick with it because I couldn’t let my two grown kids see me fail and because I’m a very competitive person and had to get A’s in all my classes! I did struggle with time management and getting assignments in on time but most instructors were pretty accommodating. The disability office of the college, however, was useless as the only accommodation they gave me was a quiet room for tests – as an online student that didn’t really help.

My point is that not all online classes are undoable, and having ADD/ADHD isn’t an automatic disqualifier for success in online classes.